English Walnut ~

Walnut is a deciduous broadleaf tree native to south-east Europe to south-west China.

Common name: walnut

Scientific name: Juglans regia
Family: Juglandaceae

UK provenance: non-native

Interesting fact: the best wood is at the base of the tree, so walnuts are often dug up for timber, rather than felled.

Overview: can grow to 35m. They typically have a short trunk and broad crown, though can be narrower if grown in a woodland situation. The bark is smooth and olive-brown when young, developing fissures and fading to silver-grey with age. Twigs are stout, green and curving.

Uses ~ Walnut was originally grown for its nuts and was introduced by the Romans for that purpose. Later it was grown for its timber, which is fine with a decorative, wavy grain.